Meet your new super powers.

Strengthen your core competencies and grow your ability to deliver successful business outcomes in the following areas:

Patient Experience

Use the patient lifecycle to consistently and repeatedly deliver first class patient experiences that create loyal ambassadors for your practice

Office Culture

Cultivate an atmosphere of knowledge, confidence, and cooperation that can easily adapt during times of increased stress.

Onboarding & Training

Simplify the onboarding and training process with easy to use visual job aids and pre-delivered training content

Data & Analytics 

Gain intelligent insights into your business health by using dashboards to monitor key performance indicators


Maximize profitability with a patient-centric focused practice

How Do we do It?


Simple. Easy to Use.

Model Practice.

Model Practice is our comprehensive solution that expands capabilities and increases practice maturity by providing out-of-the-box business process, tools, training and expertise to optimize patient experiences and practice performance.

It is a combination of services and content that brings all team members together to a better understanding of their role in the practice and how to work collaboratively to provide first class patient care while increasing profitability. 

It streamlines and simplifies new hire onboarding with reusable training content and job aids to ensure consistency as the practice evolves over time.

Key Highlights Include:

Standardized Processes & Training
Role Based Job Aids
Coaching & Success Plan
Intelligent Insights*

Standardized. Repeatable. Processes.

Patient Lifecycle.

Converge Dental emphasizes patient-centric best practices and techniques that increase patient satisfaction and drive profitability.

At the heart of our model is the Patient Lifecycle, an end-to-end representation of the customers journey through the practice from Intake to Retain.  It views every point of customer interaction as an opportunity to measure and improve the experience.  

We have identified key touch points to optimize the patient experience and provide the best practice processes, measurements and tools necessary to improve patient experience, practice capabilities, and the bottom line.

Intake, Assess, Educate, Treat, Retain
Identify Key Touchpoints
Optimize Patient Interactions
Achieve Growth Outcomes

Visual Job Aids

Reusable Onboarding & Training Content

Schedule Based Aids

A set of role based job aids help visualize daily, weekly, and monthly tasks

Process Based Aids

Standard role based process flows in an easy to follow visual format

Informational Job Aids

Job aids that provide important information to enable consistency in the practice.

Blurred Daily Tasks
Schedule Based Aids

A set of role based job aids help visualize daily, weekly, and monthly tasks

Blurred Intake
Process Based Aids

Standard role based process flows in an easy to follow visual format

Blurred Insurance Verification
Informational Job Aids

Informational job aids provide important information to enable consistency when following processes.

Easy. On Demand. Your Schedule.


Our training educates students on understanding the Patient Lifecycle and how to use it to improve the patient experience by optimizing key patient interactions with a set of standard, repeatable best practice processes. 

Core curriculum is role based and delivered via online training, taken at your convenience and followed up with live coaching sessions to ensure the concepts and techniques can be applied properly by all students.

Minimize Office Downtime
Access Courses at Your Convenience
Easy to consume video Lessons

Model Practice includes these Courses and more:

Woman standing at the reception of dental clinic shaking hands with her dentist saying thank you for the treatment

Patient Lifecycle

Gain an understanding of the Patient Lifecycle, its phases, and key interaction points to create a first-class patient experience to create loyal brand ambassadors for your practice.
Recruitment, job interview and time with business people in waiting room for schedule, hr or consul.

Scheduling for Profitability

Learn the art of efficient scheduling for profitability. Maximize productivity, minimize downtime, and enhance patient satisfaction while controlling costs. Achieve increased profitability through streamlined resource management and a well-organized workflow.
Female business partners shaking hands before meeting

Greeting Etiquette

Learn to create exceptional patient experiences by mastering effective communication techniques, fostering genuine interactions, and connecting with patients.

Insurance Verification

Master the importance of insurance verification in a dental office. Learn how it enhances treatment planning, prevents billing issues, and improves the patient experience. Acquire the skills to streamline check-in processes, optimize resource management, and reduce administrative burdens for a successful dental practice.
Clipboard, nurse hands and patient checklist for healthcare questions, research and medical history.

Medical History

Elevate your dental care for patients with diverse medical conditions by becoming proficient in understanding common medical conditions, recognizing its signs, symptoms, oral manifestations, and dental treatment considerations.
Full mouth dental x-ray scan. Photograph of a dental x-ray (x-rays are never very sharp as they only record a ‘shadow’ of solid objects).

Oral Cancer Screening

Master the essential skills to conduct proficient oral cancer screenings, facilitating early detection and proactive patient care.

Learn. Apply. Grow.


Our coaching sessions augment the core training with live follow-up sessions, one-on-one coaching, and quarterly business reviews. 

These sessions are designed to ensure you remain aligned to the long term vision and continue to mature practice capabilities and realize business value throughout your transformation. 

We help recapture lost revenue by reviewing the metrics on a quarterly basis and providing guidance and recommendations on any necessary changes to improve business outcomes and patient interactions.

Monthly Touchpoints
Quarterly Business Reviews
One on One Coaching
Measure and Improve

Data. Analytics.

Dental Intelligence.

Whether your practice is data driven or not you should always know your numbers. Typical dental practice software does not provide analytics and insight in a simple and meaningful way. 

This optional Model Practice Add-On enables  realtime dashboards and automation to your practice gives you new insight and business agility.  

Connects to Dentrix, Eaglesoft, OpenDental and more
Easy to use Dashboards
No Coding


Hear from our Customers


Immediate Impact

In a matter of weeks (since Converge Dental), everything changed. There were real systems in place. My front office manager was organized and more confident. I was less stressed and able to focus on my patients without half listening .
Dr. Solomon Isakov — Dentist
Fairlawn, OH USA

Listened to My Needs

They spent a lot of time getting to know me, my vision, my practice, my staff and my shortcomings. They asked tons of great questions and genuinely tried to fully understand my specific needs. They then said they would formulate a plan to help. Their approach was not cookie cutter and vague. They had a real plan on how to help.
Dr. Solomon Isakov — Dentist
Fairlawn, OH
Dental Care_23

Something for Everyone

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional experience I had with your dental training course. As someone who has been in the dental field since 2005, I was hesitant to take another course, but I am thrilled that I did. The training and professionalism that I received from your course was truly mind-blowing. Despite having years of experience under my belt, I was surprised to learn that I could improve my skills through your program. I am amazed at how much I have grown as a dental professional, and I owe it all to the training I received from your team.
Christina Cera — Front Office Manager
Overland Park, KS

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