Talent Acquisition

Building Teams, Empowering Success

3 Fundamentals of Talent Acquisition


Craft targeted job postings to attract the right candidates


Screen candidates for skills, experience, and evaluate fit for practice culture


Streamline the onboarding process with role-specific Model Practice content to accelerate productivity

Discover. Identify. Recruit.

Job Ads.

We begin the recruiting process by understanding your philosophy, culture, and needs.  Then we provide personalized guidance to effectively recruit ideal talent and  recommend where to post ads to attract the candidates best fit for your practice.

Understand Philosophy & Culture
Craft Job Postings
Digital Recruitment Strategy
Meet. Greet. Discuss.


The standard package includes up to seven candidate interviews. Interviews can be conducted fully or partially by Converge Dental. Interviews led by Converge Dental are in depth discoveries of skills, capabilities, experience, subject matter expertise, and cultural fit. Unused interviews never expire and can be used in the future.

Up to 7 Candidate Interviews
In Depth Candidate Discovery
Debrief & Candidate Recommendation Session
Hire. Educate. Apply.


An onboarding process provides a better employee experience leading to higher engagement, better retention, and more productivity. Simplify the onboarding process with Model Practice training and job aid content for the role being hired.  Accelerate productivity with standard processes and visual job aids.

Role Specific Job Aids
Role Specific Training
Coaching Session

3 Ways to Earn Value



This package includes the following:

3 Interviews
Job Posting Guidance
Digital Recruiting Strategy
Video Training Library
Job Aids
Live Coaching Session



This package includes the following:

7 Interviews
Job Posting Guidance
Digital Recruiting Strategy
Video Training Library
Job Aids
Live Coaching Session


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At Converge Dental we understand the importance of both time and financial resources. Employee turnover is expensive, making a strong onboarding and training program vital for retaining valuable team members. Our well-structured onboarding and training program positions new hires for success by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles. This, in turn, plays a pivotal role in advancing the success of your practice.


We thoroughly explore the candidates’ understanding of the position, skill level, competence, and confidence in their performance. Additionally, we identify their preferred learning styles and motivations; qualities that play a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless integration into the new position and sustaining their enthusiasm, leading to increased job satisfaction and enhanced performance.  

We will honor the remaining interviews for any future hiring needs.


During our initial assessment, we take the time to truly understand your company’s values, mission, and any specific cultural aspects that are important to your organization. We seek firsthand input from the team members to achieve a profound understanding of your company’s culture.

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Recruiting & Onboarding