Peter Drucker, a management thinker, is often quoted saying “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” This statement refers to an inability to identify the level of success unless it is defined and tracked. Clearly defined metrics for success can measure progress and allow for process adjustment to reach desired outcome for success. It further allows for educated and data-driven decision making.

Converge Dental will help your business by uncovering strengths and weaknesses of your practice through Key Process Indicators (KPI) and formulas that measure practice health and progress. We will assess current implemented processes, management systems, product suppliers, team performance, level of customer experience, internal marketing strategies and much more.

 Intelligent insights and recommendations based on KPI measurements will be used to design a customized, powerful strategy to achieve your business goals and ultimate success.

A defined, strategic and measurable roadmap for growth will help you decrease career related stress, achieve a healthier work/life balance, and make your practice stand out from your competition!


Delivery: Live

Location: Online or Onsite