From Good to Great: What Sets the Top 10% Practices Apart

Running a thriving dental practice is a dynamic journey. It’s not just about delivering exceptional dental care; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of efficiency, collaboration, and excellence. While individual heroics can shine, the true magic lies in the solid foundation of systems and processes. In this blog, we’ll embark on a journey to understand the pivotal role that these, often overlooked, elements play in elevating practice success.

Navigating team turnover is a common concern among practice owners. The fear of losing key team members and the challenge of seamlessly integrating new ones can cast a shadow of uncertainty. However, envision this scenario: a practice where transitions are seamless, where every team member effortlessly steps in, follows documented processes, and carries the practice’s vision forward without a hitch. This resilience doesn’t happen by chance; it’s a direct result of well-designed systems that bridge the gap. 

These unsung heroes, the systems and processes, form the backbone of thriving practices. They aren’t just guidelines buried in paperwork; they are the foundation upon which your practice stands. Imagine having a playbook, a comprehensive manual that ensures every team member is on the same page. With such a framework in place, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel with each new team member– you’ll have a collection of well-structured procedures that maintain the vitality and strength of your practice.

How Do You Shift? 

It is natural to admire shining heroes while growing your practice. These individuals often inspire others and can drive innovation and progress. However, relying solely on individual heroics can have its drawbacks. It may expose the organization to operational disruptions if these individuals leave, prove to be unsustainable long term due to burnout, and hinder the organization’s scalability.  

Practice success is a direct result of consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences that exceed patient expectations. This accomplishment isn’t about a lone star performer; it’s about the collective effort of a well-equipped team. Armed with the right tools—systems, processes, and proper training—our Model Practice is a testament to this collaborative approach. The Model Practice delivers predefined best practices that enable every team member to grasp the significance of the 5 key touchpoints along a patient’s journey within the practice. This equips them to optimize and execute successful patient interactions and understand their unique role in shaping the patient experience. It further cultivates a shared language that aligns the team and promotes harmony. Without the commitment of the entire team, the patient experience cannot reach its full potential. By understanding their responsibilities, expectations, and the metrics of success, every team member becomes an essential contributor. 

By focusing on creating a solid foundation through well-established systems and processes, you’re fostering a culture where success is a shared endeavor. This approach ensures that your practice’s growth isn’t tied to a few exceptional individuals, but rather, it thrives on the collective strength and coordinated efforts of your entire team. It’s a way of mitigating risks and building a resilient practice that can navigate challenges with unity and cohesiveness at its core.

For more in-depth discussion on the importance of and how to implement well defined systems and processes, listen to my latest podcast episode where you will hear real-world insights, practical examples, and valuable strategies that can steer your practice toward greater success. 

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Ella Mullokandova, RDH, BSDH


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