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Unlock Revolutionary Solutions & Transformative Strategies

Join us in this 3-day immersive experience aimed at catapulting your dental practice to unprecedented heights!


In just 3 days, unlock a true Model Practice mindset for running a successful dental office. I’ll share our 3-phase formula – the Plan (what), the People (who), and the Process (how) for becoming a Well-Oiled Operation. Save your seat before it’s too late!

Discover the Essence of Model Practice

Model Practice is a holistic approach to dental practice maturity, designed to expand your capabilities and refine your operations. It’s the convergence of standardized processes, role-based training, intelligent insights, and coaching plans, ensuring your team works cohesively to provide first-class patient care, thereby driving profitability.

Through Converge Dental’s Model Practice, discover comprehensive solutions, innovative tools, and expert training, curated to optimize both patient experiences and practice performance.

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Start diving in right away with bonuses, expert resources and other gifts that can be unlocked after registering!

Surprises inside the business conference!

& FOR THOSE WHO REGISTER, SHOW UP AND PLAY FULL OUT, you’ll be eligible to win daily prizes including swag, books, bonus trainings, downloads and more!


3-Day Virtual Well-Oiled Live Conference Designed To Help You Build & Maximize Your Team to Increase Profit While Reducing Your Workload.

Your Strategic Practice Blueprint & Development Plan

Discover Innovative Strategies! I’ll reveal a groundbreaking approach to elevate your dental practice’s income and operational efficiency, guiding you on transforming from an everyday practitioner to a visionary owner, leading your practice to uncharted territories of success and patient care.

Uncover the Secrets! Pull back the curtain on the essential mindset shifts and transformative approaches crucial for every dental practice owner. This identity revolution will position you as the benchmark in dental care and the preferred choice in your community.

Empower Your Team! Unravel the secrets of nurturing intrinsic leadership within your team, allowing them to steer their respective departments more efficiently than ever, freeing you to focus on strategic growth and patient care excellence.

Master Empowerment Strategies! Explore transformative methodologies to replace incessant micromanagement with effective mentorship and visionary leadership, ensuring every member of your team is motivated, efficient, and reaches their full potential.

Optimize Your Time! Delve into the four pivotal systems that promise your freedom from relentless overwork, enabling you to employ the successful methodologies used by the leading figures in the dental sector, ensuring optimum practice performance and patient satisfaction.

Don’t Shoulder It All! I will guide you step-by-step through mastering the art of effective delegation, allowing you to step confidently into your role as a true leader, with a dedicated and reliable team committed to shared goals of excellence in patient care and practice success.

Your Multimillion-Dollar Dental Practice Blueprint

Unlock Unprecedented Success! Gain exclusive access to the Model Practice Framework and transform your dental practice into a self-sufficient entity. This strategy ALONE is valued at 12X the investment of this mastery class! When executed precisely, you can confidently boost your profit margins by 25%, leveraging this unparalleled system!

End Continuous Interruptions!
Banish the days of constant disruptions from clients and team members and say goodbye to inefficient, outdated strategies that drain your time and resources. It’s time to implement revolutionary, proven operations with powerful ROI and tangible results!

Discover Industry Secrets!
Learn the confidential strategies employed by the nation’s top dental practitioners to extricate themselves from daily operations, allowing their practices to efficiently streamline and scale to new heights.

Develop Your Customized Plan!
By the end of this mastery class, leave equipped with a tailor-made workbook, applying critical insights from our essential workshops directly to your practice and creating your unique action blueprint to drive transformative results.

Preserve Your Principal Assets!
Through our Profitable Effort Workshop, organize your week for unparalleled success, uncover strategies to stop unnecessary time expenditures, and elevate your role as a profitable, productive leader in the dental industry!

Transform Your Practice!
With Converge Dental’s Model Practice system, reimagine the patient care journey and optimize every facet of your practice’s operations. Immerse in transformative content, innovative tools, and expert coaching, and become the architect of a first-class dental service that excels in patient satisfaction and profitability!

Discover My 3 Secrets for getting my clients practices to scale up while scaling back their efforts

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